May 7th 2002 - Windthorst Kansas - Chris Gullikson and Don Lloyd

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6.3 Meg Video Clip  3:45 in length - Windows Media Player Windows Media Player 

10.8 meg video clip with audio - barrel phase and last rope out 

Olympus E-10 Digital Camera with 28mm lens - Click to enlarge


Watching a CU line move rapidly to the north, decide this is not interesting.


TCU builds to the west along dryline then becomes a large supercell. The chase is on!!


This is the second tornado we see. Looking west at 6:01pm CSDT


Second tornado becomes more visible. Same location, a minute later.



Back to the East on Kiowa County Line Road, 3 miles west of 183. 6:51pm CSDT This is the 5th tornado we see.


Satellite tornado is observed to the left of main tornado.


Moving west and south to follow long tracked, large barrel tornado. 7:00pm CSDT (Tornado was bigger then this, missed it on camera....)


Tornado weakens and becomes enshrouded in dirt, becoming invisible for a short time.


Condensation funnel dissapates briefly then puts on a wild show. Video is incredible. 7:07pm CSDT


Crossing the road just after hitting a farmhouse. We are 1/4 mile away. Location of crossing is:

N37 38.4
W99 24.78
7:08pm CSDT

A combination of the last 2 photos was the basis for Late For Supper by Elizabeth Patterson