Aerial Photos from the Brodhead WI Tornado of 5-30-03 by Chris Gullikson

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Cyclonic swirls in field just east of HWY 104 and
east of my location when the tornado passed me.
Cyclonic swirls in field and damage to an irrigation
sprinkler. Just east of previous photo.

This is the outbuilding on the west side of HWY 104
that was losing parts of it's roof as I drove by.
Minor tree damage to the west of HWY 104

Cyclonic swirls in field east of HWY 104
This is HWY 104 where I encountered the tornado.
This photo is looking south west, note the cyclonic
swirls in the field just to the north of where the road
jogs to the west.

HWY 104, looking south. Note cyclonic swirls in field

Higher view of HWY 104 looking to the east.
The tornado stayed out in fields, narrowly missing
farms on either side of it's path.